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Marketing Automation

Salesforce Marketing Team

CRM efficiencies matter, but increasing your sales matter most. Drive revenue growth fast.

Effective Marketing Results Fast

We are marketing and sales experts with real-life experience. Customer For Life knows how to apply technology for growth.

Marketing Campaign Flow Chart

You can now experience unprecedented success with our closed-loop marketing and sales information sharing systems. We help you manage multichannel campaigns including email, direct mail, search and voice. Customer For Life provides up-to-date relevant information to your sales team. Automated transfers of opportunities and leads to sales, ensure that deals are not lost. Real-time analytics, dashboards and reporting provide your organization with critical data to make informed decisions. This maximizes your campaign effectiveness by increasing, adjusting or discontinuing campaigns based on results.


Customer For Life designs automated systems that attract and keep customers

  • Automate lead conversions
  • Aligning your processes and workflows with your message
  • Business development and lead qualification
  • Multichannel campaign management
  • Maximize the efficiency of your entire online and offline marketing mix
  • Real-time analytics to measure and optimize campaigns for best


Salesforce Marketing


Driving leads with surgical precision and targeting. Our strategies create high relevance among keywords, ads and dynamic landing pages. We connect with delivering more conversions that we define as sales


Developing personalized and automated sales stage driven communication strategies that increase response rates, relationships and profitability


Direct Mail

Drive to action, one to one communications based on profile information

Direct Mail


Predictive modeling highly targeted lists

Salesforce Lists


Beyond assessing satisfaction our surveys:

  • Qualify
  • Sell, Up-Sell and Cross-Sell
  • Add Referrals

VoIP Call Center

1. Click 2. Speak 3. Sell- It is that easy

  • Integrates with your web browser and Salesforce
  • Accelerate relationships building and sales
  • Native Custom talk-points
  • Screen pops
  • Click to call
No Commitment

Reports and Dashboards

Get a pulse on the campaigns that are most effective and those that are just a waste of money. Lower your expenses by increasing your efficiency.

Salesforce Reports and Dashboards


  • Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • VoIP Call Center
  • Search Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • List Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Marketing Analytics and Dashboards
  • Data Quality Management
  • Communication Management
  • Content Management

Customer For Life methodologies enable seamless and transparent continuance of the multi-channel campaign process that starts with marketing and is sustained by sales.

Speak with one voice, one message or different messages depending on the sales channel and target market. Marketing and Sales are a continuum with a beginning but no end. Continue to capture opportunities for new sales, cross-sell, up-sell and referrals.