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About Customer For Life

  • Level Two Certified
  • Partner and Certified Developers
  • User Adoption Programs
  • Demand Generation Programs
  • Nine years experience in CRM Project Management
  • Focus on Process Development
  • Focus on Automation Delivery
  • Call Center Connectivity with SFDC platform
  • Project Management Module Development
  • B2B, B2C, Nonprofit System Development
  • Training Content Creation, with relevant interactive exercises
  • Team with Marketing and Sales Business experience at C level

Customer For Life works with companies and organizations of all sizes, delivering uniquely tailored business solutions. The CFL team possesses decades of sales, marketing and customer service experience. Our proficiency in strategic opportunity development and advanced technology makes our clients more efficient and profitable.

Customer for Life is comprised of seasoned business professionals with a proven track record of accomplishments. Our history includes managing successful retail, manufacturing and technology companies. Expertise is founded in practical real-world experience.

Since 2000, we have been working with Customer For Life is a registered Salesforce consulting partner, a Partner & Certified Developer.  We are also Google Certified. Our sophisticated implementations for enterprise and midsize customers are designed to be intuitive. With fewer clicks, clear workflows, intelligent reporting, and logical screens, everything works in harmony to enhance user experience, efficiency and profit.

Senior Team Members

Ivan Feher Customer For Life

Ivan Feher

Founder and CEO


Karen Knudsen

Managing Director
CRM Development


Brandon Woelkers Customer For Life

Brandon Woelkers

Senior Systems Engineer