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Connecting with the Marketing Cloud

Marketing by Customer for Life

Attract new customers- Turn Social Relationships into Customers For Life™ using Social Media. Connect with conversations that engage and deliver on customer needs. Build a following of advocates. Customer For Life implementation, training and best practices, turn conversations into long lasting relationships. Grow your community of prospects and customers with viral messaging. Implement campaigns that broaden your reach.

Social media to marketing cloud to customer for life

Connecting Connect

Create connections. People connected to your business are more likely to buy from you. Manage your brand presence across social channels in one location. Make that connection easier.

Collaborate Collaborate

Using Chatter within can greatly improve communication within your organization. See goals and progress. Once your team reaches milestones you can see it in your feed. Get notifications on high activity topics!


Publish and engage across the most popular social marketing channels. Promote and share customer conversations and content. Set-up approvals and schedules that make your campaigns easier to manage. Convert from prospects, to customers, then advocates.


With new drag and drop social application tools, you can design and create pages that fit both desktop and mobile platforms easily. Create contests, puzzles, polls, and forms on the fly. Build your audience.

Mobile Mobile

Unify campaign functionality all at once. Optimize your campaigns and pages for mobile. Review how your campaigns display portrait or landscape with the click of a button. Deploy fast for timely results.

Listen Listen

Track and monitor conversations. Confirm that your campaign resonates with your audience. Track emotional responses and demographics. Determine the most popular keywords and campaign topics.

Engage Engage

Reply to conversations directly from inside salesforce. Turn customer communications, into customer endorsements. Create a relationship between your customer and you that will last a lifetime.

Automate Automate

Create rules that manage conversations, create new contacts, leads, posts, and cases. Build opportunities. Control your campaign budget by clicks or views. Manage virtually every aspect of your campaign for optimum control and results.


Buy ad-space directly from within salesforce. Create your own campaigns, sponsor a post or promote an story from a customer advocate. You select the placement, budget, target, duration and more.

Measure Measure

Determine campaign effectiveness. Identify your ROI in seconds. Gauge activity as well as keywords to see what resonates and engages your audience. You can measure impressions, clicks, and conversions, all in one place.

Training Training

Don’t just get the tools, but the experience and the best practices of creating a customer for life. We nurture your team to create advocates and customers.

Deployment Deployment

We create processes and automation aligned to your business. Setup social media campaigns aligned to your brand that connect within

Create a Customer For Life

with Social Media Marketing
Customer For Life- salesforce, Social Media and Cloud services offer a new paradigm. Increase customer acquisition, retention and advocacy. Turn a onetime customer into a customer for life. Customer For Life creates customers and advocates through specialized social marketing.