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Senior Team Members

Ivan Feher

CEO, Customer For Life
Salesforce Consulting and Training
Ivan Feher Customer For Life View Ivan Feher Founder,'s profile on LinkedIn

Ivan Feher is the CEO and Founder of Customer For Life. He has over two decades experience building successful and profitable businesses. Enabling companies to use The Cloud and salesforce efficiently is at the core of Customer For Life. Ivan and his Customer For Life group will help you Turn Social Relationships into Customers For Life™.

Technology can be complicated, goals and adoption illusive. Customer For Life helps organizations turn a one time buyer into a customer for life. According to Ivan, “no one cares about the 100’s of ‘solutions’ and marketplace of ‘products’ with cute names. The question inevitably comes down to how can you help me.”

Ivan and Customer For Life work with some of the world's largest and most respected companies. This includes SAP, Cannon USA, The New York Times, Burroughs, Shipserv, ScottCare, Cablevision, Newsday, Northrop Grumman, Verizon and many others.

Every business wants easy to understand and use systems grounded in common sense. Customer For Life focuses its efforts on clear deliverables around - customer adoption, retention and advocacy.

Customer For Life is a salesforce partner working with salesforce since 2000. Ivan’s creativity, expertise and motivation make Customer For Life the best choice to build your business.

Karen Knudsen

Managing Director
CRM Development

Karen has over 15 years experience in business leadership and technology.

She is a CRM system developer, implementation specialist and technology expert. Karen brings to her position practical business know how with a keen understanding of the 'real world'. Her insights translate business vision into reality.

Karen is a Certified Consultant with 12 years experience. She is also a Certified Developer. Her CRM aptitude is shaped in part by her prior experience.

For ESCADA Couture, she launched the brand in the US. In her role she took an unknown brand and was responsible for positioning the company for a successful IPO that led to ESCADA's global expansion.

At Belk/ Saks stores, Karen was responsible for over 400 department stores in her role as Corporate Buyer, Five Divisions. She also had the distinction of being the youngest person in this management position.

She can examine entire organizations from the top to a microcosmic view with the highest level of insight and specificity. These unique qualifications allow her to design comprehensive, scalable, end to end solutions.

Brandon Woelkers

Systems Engineer

Brandon Woelkers Customer For Life

Brandon's experience in business systems, leverage leading technologies for corporate growth. He has worked with technology companies in various key roles to that end. His proficiencies include development, implementation and adaptation of the following:

  • Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
  • Landing Page and Web optimization
  • Content management systems (CMS) development and back end integration
  • Database structuring and integration
  • Web Services
  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI)- Optimization
  • Graphic Development
  • Network design and support

Combining his business acumen with a varied toolset enables Customer For Life to provide rich solutions that clients have come to expect. In fact the options available are limitless in our on demand and software as a service (SaaS) world.