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Cloud Development for Implementation Success

Custom Salesforce Consulting Solutions
to help your business thrive Consulting Solutions

Salesforce CRM Explodes Sales

Innovate through Methodology, Development, Implementation, Data, and Training can maximize your success. More»
Salesforce Process Improvement

Constant Process-improvement

Improve your business efficiency and profitability. Your work becomes easier and you are more responsive to your customers. Success is a journey not a destination. More»
Salesforce Workflows

Salesforce Workflows

Accelerate your business processes. Accomplish more without hiring additional employees. Increase your efficiency and productivity. More»
Salesforce User Adoption

Salesforce User Adoption

Create intuitive and easy to understand interfaces with fewer clicks that have logical flows. Find out how you can do more with less effort to improve your results. More»
Salesforce Analytics, Dashboards, and Reports

Visual Business Intelligence

Access the Business Intelligence you need to make informed choices. Have real-time graphs, charts, and reports at your fingertips. More»
Salesforce Custom Implementations and Development

Implementations and Development

Sustainable Salesforce implementations developed specifically for your business with best practices in design, development in mind. More»
Salesforce Administration Solution

Salesforce Administration

Administer users, set permissions, create roles, and develop reports and dashboards, all for a low monthly payment, giving you time to concentrate on your core business. More»
Salesforce Migration and Integration

Data Migration and Integration

Integrate anything with Excel, Oracle, SAP, Legacy, Outlook, MySQL, anything. Become empowered. More»
Live! Salesforce Training

Live! Salesforce Training Certified Consultants available On Site, at our Training Center, or Live! Online. Choose from a Selection of Courses or view our options for a Custom Curriculum. More»
Salesforce Administration Solution

Service and support

Retain customers by using integrated tools and automating your customer relationship management. We make cases, calls, and your social networks work with you.  More»

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  • Salesforce CRM Project Management experts since 2000
  • Focus on Process Development
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  • Call Center Connectivity with SFDC platform
  • Project Management Module Development
  • B2B, B2C, Nonprofit System Development
  • Training Content Creation, with relevant interactive exercises
  • Team with Marketing and Sales Business experience at senior levels Certified Consultants Partner & Certified Developers

Get the expertise you require for your Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to- Consumer (B2C), nonprofit or hybrid organization. Depend on insightful analysis and design for user simplicity, efficiency and optimization. Our successful record of accomplishment assures that your implementation is within budget, is on time, and exceeds expectations.

Benefit from our vast experience helping organizations of all sizes improve. Customer For Life has worked with since 1999. We support Team, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited Editions.

Experts in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service tailor your solution to your precise needs.