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Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Mobile Dashboard
Retain customers by using integrated tools and automating your customer relationship management. We make cases, calls, and your social networks work with you.

Service Center

We connect your call center, emails, cases, knowledge base, social networks, and more.

Salesforce Services Email Email

Eliminate email delays. Assign the right service agent automatically, as soon as an email comes in. Send out auto responses giving additional information as needed.

Salesforce Services Email Call Scripting

Service your customers faster. Let your call center agents do their jobs better, by giving them options of what to say and what information to push to your clients and leads.

Salesforce Services Email Search

Optimize your knowledge base and website to help customers find the right answers. The first place users turn to find answers is search engines. Make it work for you.

Salesforce Services Email Partners

Improve partner relationships and outsourcing effectiveness. Allow third parties to manage cases and collaborate without showing sensitive information.

Salesforce Services Email Contracts & Entitlements

Match customers to the appropriate level of service instantly. Set timeline milestones. Manage service costs more effectively.

Salesforce Services Email Dashboards & Reports

Track your customer service operations and see where your agents excel and need to improve. Track issues to create improved and more efficient knowledge solutions.

Salesforce Services Email Social Monitoring

Join conversations about your company, products, and services easily. Connect with customers on Facebook and Twitter in real-time with Salesforce.

Salesforce Services Email Live Agent

Talk with customers fast using live chat on your website. Track everything in Salesforce.

Salesforce Services EmailSalesforce Call Center

Utilize all needed tools for improved productivity. Speak in a connected environment. Use communication channels used by your customers.

Salesforce Services Email Self-Service Communities

Start a community that lets your users answer questions for you. By having a community you can build followers, promote ideas, take polls, build knowledge and customers.

Salesforce Services Email Collaborative Knowledge

Push the right answers from one knowledge base across all of your service channels: contact center, website, and social media. Filter questions down to provide the best answer.

Salesforce Services Email Social Analysis

Monitor and track your social networks. Monitor the conversations to suggest strategies for your sales, marketing, and service agents.


Customer For Life service centers empower customer service reps (CSR) to solve issues and communicate with customers through different channels. This means engage customers with chat, voice, email, knowledgebase, user community, search, email and social media. Utilize dashboards for accountability and progress assessments. Stay on message with call scripts.


Customer For Life service centers allow you to communicate with customers on their own terms and their desired channels. Improve responsiveness, information accuracy, efficiency, customer acquisition and loyalty, build your brand and lower costs.

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