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Salesforce Mobile

Salesforce Mobile Dashboard
Customer For Life configures and deploys Salesforce Mobile to help your team close more deals. The needs of your mobile sales force are met by providing critical information for success in real-time.
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Get Your Business Info On The Go

Important deal making information is sent straight to your smartphone. Your sales team stays in touch with the latest client information, opportunities, data, dashboard reports, and more without having to be at their computers.

New leads are sent directly to your mobile device. Your sales team logs information immediately after important customer calls, emails and appointments. This ensures that critical information is always there as you need it. 


  • One Click Calls
  • One Click Emails
  • Make Appointments
  • Call Logging
  • Email Logging
  • Create and Assign Tasks
  • Lead Follow-ups
  • Respond to Cases
  • View and edit Standard Objects and Fields
  • View and edit Custom Objects and Fields
  • and More!

Salesforce Mobile lets a user quickly search for a contact within their Salesforce instance then with one click call or email that contact. That call or email can be logged directly into Salesforce.

  • Full editing capabilities
  • Visualforce pages on the device
  • Mobile enabled third party apps
  • Point and click app development
  • Complete customization control
  • Centralized management

Less is more – see only relevant data on the go. Make informed decisions without filtering data clutter.

Processing orders or updating customer cases in real time.

Access content like presentations or brochures and forward them to customers on the go.

Collaborate Instantly – connect with your members of your time in real time on your phone.

We don’t just setup your Salesforce Mobile, but we can provide training to your team. We have courses Live! Online, at our facility, or at your office. Learn More »

Salesforce Mobile Availability:

No Signal? Work Offline!

Worried about not having a signal? Salesforce Mobile can be accessed online and offline. Salesforce Mobile stores a local copy of the user's data in its own database within your mobile device. You can then edit your information at anytime then automatically upload your data when a connection becomes available.